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I am the mother of a teenage boy who is interested in weapons and ballistics, is an avid Airsoft weapon owner and participant and whose future definitely involves gun ownership as a hobby or career or both. As one customer said, shooting lessons are not always a comfortable topic for most women at social gatherings, and I felt like other parents would think I was crazy to have my son fire an actual gun. But I signed up my son for a Basic Rifle Lesson with Frank Melloni because I felt very strongly that it was important that he realize the seriousness and responsibility of safe gun ownership and use. Frank is the perfect teacher, he is very patient and extremely knowledgeable, and as a Mom, I am particularly impressed with his emphasis on safety and the importance of following the rules and etiquette of the firing range. He is a great role model in that respect. My son is still taking lessons with Frank, months after his first lesson. He has learned so much from Frank, I can’t thank him enough.

Katty S.
“I do not usually send in comments about things but wanted to say that without any hesitation I would recommend your class. Four years ago (this will be season # 5) I decided that I wanted to hunt with a pistol I told myself that I had shot enough deer with a rifle and that it was time to up the ante. Got my license, bought a 357 and then shot as much as possible. No deer came within range for 2 years, well just by a bigger gun . I knew that I had a grip problem and could not figure it out. This only manifests itself when you go bigger. When you shoot rifles for a long time and then switch to trying to hunt with a pistol you think that you will be able to figure it out you tell yourself that its just a learning curve. Well that learning curve starts to cost a lot in ammo after a while and you find yourself not getting that much more proficient. Frustration sucks and missing a 60 yard shot after waiting 4 years you blame yourself for not practicing more. Practicing bad habits will never improve your shot this much I knew.

Sydney K.L
I have been shooting with them for over a year. When I started my lessons I did not even know how to hold a pistol. Frank and his team have such a calm assured way of instructing, they brought out my confidence. I felt “I could do this!”

No lesson is boring or the same as the last. Frank always has new ideas – we shoot different caliber pistols, types of targets and distances, even different locations which offer different shooting positions and scenarios!

I have taken FIVE courses with Renaissance Firearms Instruction; NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, Advanced Rifle, NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading, and even the refresher rifle course that’s offered exclusively to return shooters! All the while attending nearly weekly private sessions.

Eric Kerry